Project name

100 Putney Common


London Borough of Wandsworth


£21,800,000 (GDV)


Putney Green, Wandsworth

In November 2016, we completed the development of a new primary school at Putney Green in partnership with the London Borough of Wandsworth. Located on a former hospital site on the edge of Putney Common, the school was financed with cross subsidy proceeds from the sale of 24 new apartments on an adjoining site.

The Task

By joining in partnership with the London Borough of Wandsworth, this high quality development:

  • Delivered a modern, sustainable, BREEAM ‘Excellent’ Primary School through an efficient and joint venture partnership

  • Offered excellent prospects for maximising sales values through the involvement of Durkan Estates - our inhouse development division

  • Managed concerns of community stakeholders through effective consultation systems, sensitive management of the project environment - bringing additional long-term benefits through a programme of local labour, training and community engagement activities.

The Solution

Working closely with Sprunt Architects, our design for the residential elements achieves the quality that will generate maximum sales revenue to cross-subsidise school construction.

Apartments will enjoy substantial balconies or terrace private amenity space; basement parking, and highly efficient centralised energy systems. Under the agreement the school must be completed and occupied before residential development can begin.

The Putney Green partnership allows Wandsworth Council to deliver much needed Primary School Education places in the borough by liberating the ‘locked in’ value on this derelict site. Our partnership will now transform this asset into modern education facilities and high quality housing for Wandsworth residents.

100 Putney Common
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