Training and apprenticeships

Creating careers in construction

Our undergraduate & graduate training programmes, along with our local labour, community initiatives and craft apprenticeships, provide an ideal preparation for a career in the construction industry. 


Providing fully accredited, nationally recognised apprenticeship standards. We have consistently delivered on average 10 apprentices a year since 2005. 

Training Partnerships

Working closely with our clients and specialist training organisations like the Construction Training Initiative (CTI), Joe Brennan Training and Evolve. We use positive action strategies and outreach methods to create new opportunities for disengaged groups.

Local Employment Opportunities

Projects: Western Avenue (W3) and Manor Place (SE17)
Information can be obtained through Notting Hill Housing’s Construction Training Initiative (CTI).

For further details please contact the CTI office on 020 3815 234. Also keep abreast with vacancies in the job section on

We provide opportunities to local trades wherever possible. Find out more about becoming part of our supply chain here.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

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“Durkan don’t just train because they have to, they have always been clear that training is part of their wider responsibility as a community contractor.”

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